Clutch Replacement
in Southampton and All Surrounding Hampshire Areas

At Mick’s Auto Repairs, our highly qualified clutch technicians manage efficient and effective clutch replacements and repairs. We diagnose problems quickly and can often manage same-day clutch repairs and replacements. From our specialist premises in Southampton, we welcome domestic, commercial and industrial clients from all surrounding areas

You can also visit us at our workshop for oil changes, cambelt repairs, new tyres and replacement brakes.

Professional Clutch Repairs and Replacements

We perform a full vehicle inspection on every vehicle that enters our workshops so we know exactly what is required to keep you safe on the road. Mick’s Auto Repairs only uses OE (Original Equipment) parts, so you can have peace of mind knowing all elements will be high quality and have performance guarantees.

Our company offers a no-quibble 1-year, 12,000-mile warranty on all our work and parts and, best of all, we price competitively and check regularly against local businesses across Southampton and the surrounding Hampshire areas. We can also arrange vehicle recovery to our workshop if required.

Signs Your Clutch Needs Replacing

Here, our experts have listed some common signs that indicate your car’s clutch will likely need replacing. If you experience any of these problems, bring your vehicle to our fully equipped workshop and MOT garage, and one of our friendly and professional technicians will quickly and correctly fix any issues.

Signs that you may require a clutch replacement include:

  • Clutch Juddering

  • Clutch Slipping

  • Clutch Dragging

Clutch Juddering

The core symptom of clutch juddering is a severe low-frequency vibration. This can be caused by worn or loose engine mountings, engine misalignment, oil-contaminated facings, uneven clutch arm operation, defective pressure plate or driven plate, glazed flywheel or a worn spigot bearing.

Clutch Slipping

If the engine is accelerating without delivering an equivalent increase in vehicle speed, you may likely be suffering from clutch slipping. If you notice a burning smell or your car won’t drive up steep hills, this may also be the case.

The causes of this range from incorrect clutch adjustments, worn clutch facings or broken springs to defective pressure plates, partial seizure of linkage or a partially seized mechanism.

Clutch Dragging

If you face difficulties engaging first gear from neutral without your vehicle making a noise, this is likely a sign of clutch dragging. Jolts when changing gears when driving and vehicle movements when the pedal is fully depressed are also signs you may need to replace your clutch.

Clutch dragging can be caused by incorrect clutch adjustments, a buckled plate, lack of fluid in the hydraulic operating system, a defective dual mass flywheel, seizure on spines or a worn spigot.

The specialists at Mick’s Auto Repairs are happy to advise customers in Southampton and the surrounding areas on all aspects of our specialist clutch replacements and repairs.

For clutch replacements, call 023 8178 3165. Our workshop welcomes customers from Southampton and Hampshire.
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