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A full vehicle service is an annual inspection of your car or LCV that checks for overall condition and wear to critical components such as the brakes, the timing belt and the filters. Mick’s Auto Repairs, located in Southampton, can provide full car servicing on any make or model. A regular service keeps your vehicle running safely and efficiently, keeping you and your passengers safe while minimising the likelihood of breakdowns and unexpected repair costs.

Please contact us to make a booking. You can also book in for a full service at the same time you bring your car or LCV in for MOT testing at our MOT garage.

The full service is an annual inspection undertaken every 12 months, or when your vehicle has covered more than 12,000 miles since the last inspection. Mick’s Auto Repairs can also offer interim servicing on models which cover more than 6,000 miles in the 6-month period after a full vehicle service.

Other options include major servicing, which we complete according to manufacturer schedules, and basic filter and oil changes.

What Does a Full Service Include?

Mick’s Auto Repairs can service vehicles for customers in Southampton and Hampshire up to 3.5 metric tons in weight. Each service, major, full or interim, has a series of multipoint checks which our technicians follow meticulously. In doing so, we can match dealership standards and service your car or LCV without invalidating the manufacturer warranty should you still have one.

We can also stamp your book to maintain a detailed service history and our technicians use diagnostic tooling to reset dashboard service lights.

A full vehicle service can include, but is not limited to:

  • Engine oil change and oil filter replacement

  • Replacement of air, pollen and fuel filters

  • Visual check of all lights and indicators

  • Check for the condition of brakes and tyres

  • Exhaust and emission inspection

  • Inspection of steering and suspension parts

  • Test of the spark plugs and the battery

  • Check coolant, steering fluid and brake fluid levels

Customers also have the option to use Mick’s Auto Repairs for summer and winter checks for safer driving across all four seasons.

How Long Does a Full Vehicle Service Take?

The timescale for completing a service on your car or LCV will depend on which level of service you book. A filter and oil change will usually take around 60 minutes and an interim service lasts for approximately 90 minutes. With a full vehicle service, the technicians at our premises in Southampton have more checks to complete so you should expect to be without the use of your car or LCV for anywhere between 4 and 6 hours.

We will always call you to let you know when we’ve completed a service.

Should we find any issues with your vehicle, we will let you know and offer you a competitive price for the required repair work should you want our skilled team to undertake it. Mick’s Auto Repairs will never commence extra work after servicing your vehicle unless we have your express permission to do so.

For a full vehicle service, or for interim servicing and oil changes, call 023 8178 3165. Our workshop welcomes customers from Southampton and Hampshire.
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