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The MOT inspection is a safety, roadworthiness and emissions test, undertaken on an annual basis, for cars and any other vehicles which have been on the road for more than three years. Having a current MOT certificate for the model you drive is a mandatory requirement and, without one, you could face financial penalties of up to £1,000 and invalidate your insurance policy.

Mick’s Auto Repairs, located in Southampton, is an approved DVSA MOT garage offering MOT tests over multiple categories, including Class IV.

This means we can test cars and light commercial vehicles, amongst others, according to the criteria set by the DVSA. We are connected to a nationwide computer system so, once you start using us for MOT testing, you will receive an annual reminder of when your next inspection is due at the appropriate time.

You can have your car, or LCV tested up to 28 days before the expiry date on your current certificate should you wish to.

To see our inspectors at work, please visit our website gallery. You can also call us to discuss your other vehicle requirements, including oil changes and cambelt repairs.

What Does the MOT Test Cover?

The annual inspection is different to an annual or interim service. Its purpose is to clarify if the model you drive meets specified safety and emission criteria at the time of testing. It is still the responsibility of vehicle owners in Southampton and Hampshire, and of those across the UK, to make sure their cars remain roadworthy for the duration of their certificate’s validity dates.

The annual MOT test at our MOT garage covers, but is not limited to:

  • The condition of screens, windows and mirrors

  • Check of the brakes, lights, wheels and tyres

  • Inspection of the doors, seats and seat belts

  • Structural condition of the body and chassis

  • Check of door locks and bonnet catches

  • Inspection of steering and suspension parts

  • Battery and electrical wiring check

  • Emissions check of the vehicle’s exhaust system

What Happens if My Vehicle Fails the MOT Test?

If your car or LCV fails the annual MOT inspection, Mick’s Auto Repairs will issue “Refusal of MOT Certificate” paperwork telling you why your vehicle isn’t up to the required standard. In some cases, you may find that the inspector passes your vehicle but will list advisories which indicate components coming to the end of their usable lifespan or other faults you should be aware of.

Motorists in Southampton and the surrounding Hampshire area can have repairs undertaken at our workshop in the event of an MOT failure.

We will never begin any repair work without your express consent but will always do our best to provide a fairly priced quotation over the phone when we call to let you know the results of an inspection (should you choose to leave your car or LCV with us instead of waiting in our viewing area).

Mick’s Auto Repairs can provide a free partial retest if you have the required work undertaken at our popular MOT garage in Southampton. If you have booked in for a service or an oil change and would like us to perform an MOT test while your vehicle is with us, please let us know when calling.

For MOT testing and repairs, call 023 8178 3165. Our workshop welcomes customers from Southampton and Hampshire.
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