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There will always be the odd time when a motorist won’t want to spend any more money than the absolute minimum on basic maintenance. Owners of older cars reaching the end of their serviceable and repairable lifespans, and those who have purchased older models to use as run-arounds, frequently opt for just a filter and oil change instead of traditional servicing. Mick’s Auto Repairs can provide this useful service while the customer waits.

Changing the oil filter and the oil is a standard part of a full or interim service at our workshop in Southampton, but it is also a standalone option for those who feel that more detailed maintenance isn’t completely necessary.

Remember that you can book in for MOT testing with Mick’s Auto Repairs at the same time you book in for a filter and oil change. If you would like to read the testimonials of previous customers in Hampshire who use us on a repeat basis, we invite you to do so at your leisure.

The Simple, Affordable Alternative to Traditional Servicing

Changing the oil and oil filter is the key to keeping an engine running cleanly, smoothly and reliably. Oil is critical to the engine’s operation because it keeps temperatures under control and protects against the premature wear of moving parts and components. Dirty oil can block the filter and over time, this will impact the engine’s efficiency and the potential miles per gallon.

The skilled technical team at Mick’s Auto Repairs uses quality lubricants with grades which comply to the manufacturer’s own specification. Our workshop in Southampton keeps fast-moving oil filters for popular models in stock.

With a filter and oil change, you maintain peak operational performance but still have the option to book in for a full vehicle service, or for an interim service, at the required intervals. We would advise that you never substitute a full service for an oil change on any vehicle with a moderate to high resale value, and that you have all other routine checks undertaken regularly.

  • Suitable for any make or model of vehicle

  • Old oil drained and old oil filter removed

  • New oil filter fitted before new oil added

  • Old engine oil disposed of safely and ethically

Because we have a sizeable supplier network in the Southampton area, we can have filters for all makes and models delivered to our workshop in plenty of time to ensure a much faster turnaround. The fact that we can perform a filter and oil change while you wait is, of course, a key service benefit.

For filter and oil changes, call 023 8178 3165. Our workshop welcomes customers from Southampton and Hampshire.
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