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Your personal safety relies heavily on the performance of your braking system and the individual components within it. Driving a car is a responsibility, and maintaining control over your vehicle when slowing or stopping is one of the most important responsibilities of all. Without regular inspections, or should you fail to notice the characteristics of braking component wear, your chances of being in an accident and the potential for injuries to others increase.

Mick’s Auto Repairs is a specialist in replacement brakes. Located in the Southampton area, we provide system inspections and replace braking components for private motorists and commercial clients across Hampshire.

Mick’s Auto Repairs can also fit new tyres, which you can view examples of on our website gallery.

Signs of Component Wear

The signs of component wear include:

  • Squealing or grinding noises when applying the brakes

  • A soft or pulsating feel with the brake pedal

  • The steering wheel vibrates when slowing

  • Signs of excessive brake dust around the wheels

  • Your car takes longer to come to a complete stop

If you have noticed any of the above characteristics when driving and would like to book an inspection with Mick’s Auto Repairs, please call us or stop by our workshop in Southampton when you are passing.

We are always here to help and assist you.

Replacement Brakes | Full and Partial Fitting Service

Our skilled technical team can replace individual components showing signs of wear, or we can provide a full overhaul of your braking system. We can fit replacement brakes across a full range of makes and models at a fair and competitive price. Following an inspection, we will compile a quotation which details the components needed and the labour costs.

Most brake replacements involve the swap-out of old components for new, such as pads, discs, drums, shoes and rotors. 

Where required, the team at our Southampton premises can rebuild or replace the callipers, and fit new bushes, sleeves and pins. We can also replace worn brake hoses and, after fitting new components, Mick’s Auto Repairs can top up the brake fluid to maintain the correct levels of pressure when you press down on the brake pedal and bring your car to a halt.

We can also check parking brakes and cables.

Replacement brakes make driving safer for you, your passengers and for all other road users. Our company strongly advises that you call in to see us for an initial inspection as soon as you notice unusual slowing or stopping characteristics. A prompt response really can be a life-or-death matter.

For replacement brakes, call 023 8178 3165. Our workshop welcomes customers from Southampton and Hampshire.
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